Why I Quit Coffee (and Started DeyBrain)

Like you, I was born into a world that already exists.

We enter this life with nothing. And in our formative years, we’re given an endless stream of ideas that supposedly allow us to blend neatly into society.

Some of us absorb these ideas and conform blindly until we die. Others take a different approach - absorbing what is useful, unlearning what is not, and adding what is uniquely our own (shoutout to Bruce Lee).

Some ideas are universally applauded - the “golden rule” comes to mind. Other ideas work well for some but not for others (see: marriage). But some ideas are so insidious and detrimental, that many of us suffer our whole lives simply because we never take the time to unlearn them.

Alcoholism...toxic friendships...self obsession. These are all bad ideas that must be unlearned in order to thrive. And we’ll discuss these ideas in the future. But since you already read the title of this post, you know that we’re gonna focus on something different here...

Coffee caffeine in the morning

That’s right...we’re talking about coffee. More specifically: caffeine addiction, and why you should quit caffeine and replace it with DeyBrain. 

Let me explain…

My Caffeine Addiction

My caffeine addiction started innocently - with 16-year-old Patrick sipping black coffee before school in an effort to seem older than I was. I loved having the mug in my hand. But more importantly, I loved how it felt to be infused with the power of caffeine.

I’d bounce around in a blissful haze of optimism - with the whole world in front of me and a burning drive to “get sh*t done”. It was amazing. Well, it was amazing...until the effects of caffeine wore off - and I found myself smothered in a blanket of lethargy. At that point, I’d suffer through the world until I could go to sleep or drink some more.

This cycle continued for years - with me gradually upping the dose to avoid the crash and chase a diminishing high. I was a good little addict. Most of us are.

Coffee and caffeine in America

Over 64% of Americans drink (caffeinated) coffee every day. And if you’re one of them, then you know what it’s like to crash hard. 

You’re distracted and lethargic. The world seems sad and pointless. You zombie your way through life until you get that next sip of coffee - that sweet nectar of the gods - giver of life and optimism. 

The (temporary) benefits of caffeine are wonderful: energy, optimism, and a real positive mood boost. 

But few of us treat caffeine with the respect and reverence it deserves. We treat it like a fountain of energy, willfully ignorant to the impending crash or ungodly tolerance we'll soon develop.

It’s a cruel cycle and a sad way to live. So why do so many of us do it? 

Deyus and Caffeine

The Tao of Caffeine

I’ll tell you why...

Coffee is awesome. 

It smells great, tastes amazing, and at the risk of sounding like a hallmark movie...it’s just nice to cradle a hot mug in the morning. It’s a friend that gives you energy and tells you everything is gonna be alright. 

Coffee is synonymous with work and productivity. It has a deeply rooted cultural history. And it’s a pretty decent way to plan a date

All that is true. But here’s something else that’s true...

If you drink multiple cups of caffeinated coffee every day, you’re making a HUGE mistake. 

If you want to truly understand why, then go listen to Michael Pollan’s Audible-exclusive audiobook, “Caffeine”. Or go read the caffeine section in Matthew Walker’s book, “Why We Sleep”.

Or...don’t do any of those things - and just keep reading this. Because I’ll tell you everything you need to know about why daily caffeine is a bad idea:

Abusing caffeine will RUIN your sleep. And sleep is everything.

Sleep and caffeine

Caffeine Ruins your Sleep

When it comes to optimal health, there’s ONE factor that’s more important than anything else: sleep. And caffeine is prolifically detrimental to sleep for almost all humans. 

So if you’re a human who wants quality sleep - then you better stop the daily blitzkrieg of caffeinated coffee - and find an alternative strategy to boost your daily mood and mental endurance.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up coffee or caffeine entirely. But it does mean you need to change your habits and add something new to your productivity toolbox. 

Lucky for you, here’s how to do it :)

How to Quit Caffeine

1. Switch to Decaf

I was gonna write a long section on why you should switch to decaf - full of links to other websites and keyword-friendly phrases to boost this page’s google ranking. But alas, I respect your time. So here’s all you really need to know. 

Caffeine fucks with your sleep. Like...REALLY fucks with your sleep.

The half-life of caffeine is roughly 5 hours for the average individual. That means if you consume an afternoon coffee at 2pm with 100mg of caffeine, there’ll still be 50mg of caffeine in your system at 7pm - and 25mg of caffeine keeping your brain awake at midnight. And that’s only if you stick to 1 afternoon cup.

Caffeine and Sleep Insomnia

Caffeine is a central nervous stimulant with a wide array of powerful cognitive effects. It ramps up your adrenaline and other alertness molecules, and even increases the need to pee. These things are absolutely terrible if you’re trying to fall asleep. Especially the need to pee. 

If you want to be happy and healthy, you need optimal sleep. And like I said, caffeine really fucks with you sleep. So skip the caffeine and switch to decaf. Or at least switch to decaf in the afternoon. 

And if you still consume caffeine in the morning, follow this advice...

2. Fluctuate Caffeine Intake 

The key to using caffeine correctly is to not develop a tolerance. 

You can do this by varying the amount of coffee grounds you use to make your morning cup of coffee. Or you can switch to caffeinated beverages that list milligram amounts of caffeine on their label. Either way, you’ll be better off switching up your daily amount so you don’t develop a long-term tolerance. 

Or better yet, skip the caffeine entirely and try a stimulant-free nootropic brain booster! That’s right...I’m talking about DeyBrain.

3. Use DeyBrain: Daily Cognitive Enhancer

Finally, the REAL valuable takeaway from this post. If you only remember one thing from your reading this today, make it this…

DeyBrain > Coffee

That’s bold and underlined for a reason. And the reason is this: DeyBrain can change your life. 

Let me explain…

DeyBrain caffeine free nootropic brain booster

I used to be like you. I was a slave to caffeine. And no matter what I tried, I couldn’t find a molecule or nootropic blend to replace the mood and focus boost I got from coffee. That is, until I spent a couple years refining the formula to DeyBrain

You see, before there was DeyBrain - there was Patrick’s kitchen. And in that kitchen, there were dozens of Tupperware containers - each with different blends of vitamin b6, amino acids, and natural botanicals shown to boost memory and focus. 

I didn’t get it perfect the first time. But over the span of a couple years, I developed a nootropic stack that finally got me off caffeine, once and for all. It gave me all the mood and focus boost I used to get from caffeine, but without all the annoying side effects, namely: the energy spike and ensuing crash, the horrible insomnia, and the anxiety of trying to manage my tolerance. 

All of these problems were gone after switching to DeyBrain. All I did was replace coffee with a delicious, citrusy blend of brain-boosting goodness - and my life changed for the better. No jitters. No crash. Just clean focus. All day long.

DeyBrain Brain Booster Nootropic Powder

I could go on forever about how much I love DeyBrain (I might write a romance novel about me and DeyBrain as my next post), but I’ll spare you the glowing and unbiased prose. All I ask is that you give DeyBrain a try - and see if this brain-boosting nootropic drink powder is right for you.

And what better way to try DeyBrain than a FREE 3-day sample?!

Check it out here. Totally free - just pay shipping. And if you have any questions on this incredible offer or DeyBrain in general, please email me here. You don’t even have to have a question - you can just say hi or ask me my favorite pokémon. Any message is cool. 

OK...that’s all from me today. I’m off to sip some DeyBrain and conquer the world. I hope you’ll do the same :)



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