What the F*ck is DeyBrain? (Nootropics, Brain Boosters, and More!)

Here’s something they don’t tell you about starting a brand…

It’s mostly soul-crushing work.

To be fair, there’s nothing I love more than creating amazing brands and products. It’s a truly unique feeling to see a creation of yours out in the world, really improving people’s lives. But the actual doing of the thing - the sales, the marketing, the never-ending technical difficulties - all that mostly sucks :)

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Deyus is completely self-funded by me and my partner - 2 young founders who work everyday to build a brand that changes lives. I don’t say this to garner sympathy. I say this to make the point that - unlike your favorite skincare brand or tech giant - we don’t have a large marketing budget.

And since we don’t have the money to inundate the world with annoying ads, we have to get creative with how we promote our products. More specifically, we rely on the help of influencers.

We’ll Get to DeyBrain - I Promise

In the past few weeks, I’ve sent hundreds of direct messages to influencers of all kinds. Fitness, nutrition, travel, beauty, lifestyle bloggers, etc. I personalized each one, replied to questions, and set up shipments for those that were interested in trying our product. I also did about a thousand other things related to launching our brand, because I care about our customers and bringing the power of DeyBrain to people everywhere.

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I did all of this at night, of course, because on top of Deyus, I work for 2 other amazing consumer products brands. And these other companies collectively take up about 8-10 hours of my life, every Monday through Friday.

I also co-host the Deyus Life Podcast, which...if you compare to other podcasts, is in the top 1% of output efficiency. We put out AT LEAST 2 episodes per week: one by ourselves and one with a high-quality guest. And putting out fire podcast episodes each week doesn’t just magically happen. It takes...you guessed it...more work.

So, as you can see...


But the lesson here is not to marvel at how much I do every week. The lesson is this:

I’m NOT superhuman. There’s nothing amazing or extraordinary about me or my brain. I don’t have some innately maximized mental stamina or genetically superior brain structure. I just make ONE incredibly smart decision that gives me an advantage over most people reading this now...

I use DeyBrain.

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H2: What the F*ck is DeyBrain?

If you check out the product page, you’ll learn that DeyBrain™ is a stimulant-free blend of amino acids, natural botanicals, and vitamin b6. You’ll also understand that the ingredients in DeyBrain work together to boost your brain power - without the crash or negative side effects of other popular brain boosters like coffee or adderall.

But what you might not understand is just how big of an impact DeyBrain can have on your life. 

Here's the truth...

When my partner and I developed DeyBrain, we knew we could make a good product. We have solid experience in R&D and product design, so we knew we could - at the very least - create a nootropic brain booster that tastes great and comes in a pretty package

But we didn’t just do that. We made something better. Something that not only changed our lives, but our friends’ and family’s lives as well. 

You see...there’s something magical about the ingredients in DeyBrain. They come together to elicit a brain boosting effect that’s greater than the sum of the ingredients. In many ways, DeyBrain is a gestalt masterpiece of flavor and science that boosts your brain - and without the crash or heart palpitations you get with coffee and adderall. 

And to best understand this nootropic super mix, let’s look at each ingredient - and how they work together to amplify your cognition and help you conquer the day.

L-Theanine: The Calm Molecule

L-theanine is an amino acid derived from tea leaves. But that’s not what’s amazing about it…

The real cool thing about l-theanine is that it has some pretty profound effects on cognition. For one, research suggests l-theanine can promote relaxation without any drowsiness. It can also reduce stress and anxiety, enhance attention, memory, focus and learning, and even improve sleep! 

These benefits result from l-theanine’s effects on neurotransmitters, the signaling molecules that govern your brain activity. More specifically, l-theanine does these things:

  • Elevates levels of GABA, serotonin and dopamine
  • Inhibits some effects of glutamate; and
  • Boosts alpha brain waves

If those words don’t mean anything to you, don’t worry! You won’t be quizzed on this. Just know that l-theanine can calm your mind without making you sleepy. And that’s pretty amazing.

L-Tyrosine: The Stress Destroyer

L-tyrosine is an amino acid that your body uses to create catecholamines - including noradrenaline and our old pal dopamine. Catecholamines (especially noradrenaline) are heavily used during stressful situations, so having a solid supply of l-tyrosine can allow you to more easily replenish these valuable neurotransmitters and stay calm, cool and collected no matter what the world throws at you. 

Bacopa Monnieri: A Cognitive Enhancing Herb

If you know anything about ayurveda, then you know bacopa monnieri. Also known as brahmi, bacopa monnieri is one of humanity’s longest used herbal supplements.

Studies have indicated that bacopa monnieri can improve cognitive function, protect against brain cell damage, and support mitochondrial function. And because of these effects, bacopa has been of scientific interest for patients with a wide range of cognitive disorders, including Alzheimer’s, anxiety and depression

In brief, bacopa rules. And if you ever purchase a nootropic blend that doesn’t include bacopa monnieri, then that company is doing it wrong.

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Huperzine-a is another plant-derived compound that researchers have investigated for a variety of cognitive diseases and disorders. That’s because huperzine has been shown to improve memory and protect nerve cells

Huperzine acts by inhibiting cholinesterase - the enzyme that degrades acetylcholine. This action can amplify the effects of the acetylcholine by allowing molecules of this neurotransmitter to stay around longer. And if that was too many science words in a row, don’t worry. Just know that huperzine-a is boosting acetylcholine signaling in your brain; and that’s pretty cool


Alpha-GPC is a natural source of choline, which is an important building block in the creation of acetylcholine. The word “acetylcholine” should sound familiar because I wrote it just 2 sentences ago. It’s an important neurotransmitter for cognitive function; and being able to make more of it in times of need is one of the many benefits granted by alpha-gpc and other ingredients in DeyBrain.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin b6 acts as a cofactor in many of your body’s most important biochemical reactions. It’s essential to the metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrates, the creation of red blood cells, and importantly, the synthesis of many neurotransmitters - including serotonin, dopamine, and GABA. 

Try DeyBrain Today

I know blog articles typically have an exciting conclusion, and guess what, I made one here! Instead of closing with redundant information or some sort of lazy call-to-action, lets close with something that can actually change your life! 

If you want to try DeyBrain today, use code PATRICK15 for 15% off your first order. And if you do try it - please let me know what you think! Email me at patrick@livedeyus.com or message me on any social media app. I'm here if you ever have any questions at all.

Ok, that's it. Thanks for reading! 

- Patrick

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