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  • Best Caffeine Free Nootropics: Choosing the Right Stimulant-Free Brain Booster

    Using nootropic supplements is a great alternative to stimulants like caffeine and adderall, which can offer short-term benefits but lead to unwanted side effects like crashing and tolerance building. However, you don’t want to leap blindly into the world of brain boosters without first understanding the best way to use nootropics to improve memory, focus and mental clarity. View Post
  • Nootropic Coffee: Elevate your Brain with Nootropic Infused Coffee!

    Ironically, I first turned to nootropics to replace coffee - as I wanted a way to boost my brain without the negative effects of caffeine. But over time, I’ve found that a stimulant-free nootropic stack can work great in tandem with caffeine to truly maximize focus and cognition. You just need to know how to use it. View Post
  • How to Calm Anxiety: The Secret to Calming Your Anxious Mind

    The cure for an anxious mind is not to worry and keep worrying about when (if ever) these feelings will go away. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I’ve learned how to calm anxiety through some simple chemistry and a mindset-shift. And in this wonderfully short blog post, I’ll tell you how to actually calm anxiety and take control of your life.

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